A Little Customization To You Ribs

Makin ribs the best way
So here’s something that is pretty common I’ve noticed, people (cooks or otherwise) who buy store bought sauces of some sort (in this case BBQ, but could be salad dressing or some thing else) and then zest it up with their own add-ins. I’ve been guilty of this many times and think it’s a really great way to put some of yourself into cooking. Classic example, I happen to really like hot foods – well, lets be clear, hot, spicy, you name it – I can and have made my own sauces, but for the most part I’ll usually go for some simple base sauce that I find at the super market and then throw in all of my own peppers and spices. Some people like a little more heat, some like a little more sweet, it’s six and one half dozen.
Which one are you?

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