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child art design
I am a CNN online addict, it’s my morning fix. While I’ll typically read world / politics / business etc here on the “front page” this morning was a nice one about interior design with a pretty great slideshow. Thought I would post a link here for everyone who’s interested – new DIY by Nick Olsen. Not exactly sure if childrens’ art is my thing, but I get the whole idea of empowering the kids to be more creative and encouraging them, so I can’t say anything bad about that. I am very happy to get ideas from others, especially when its from a trusted source like CNN, I’m not sure if this will truly offer me any persona design help with my own efforts to make my house and living environment ma better place, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Thanks CNN – Nick Olsen at DIY CNN
What do you think of Nick’s Style?

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