Another North Korean Defector

Jeez, these guys all seem to end up here and never have the best things to say about North Korea – CNN gave us yet another North Korean Defector and this guys quote, as it probably wouldn’t surprise you – North Korea is Hell on Earth. Executions, purges, wow its just as if you could never imagine. This is one you have to read for yourself:

False Image
The defector begins to explain why he feels that way. In 2013, Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, died. Kim Jong Un took over and “tried his best,” says the defector. He gave gifts, and in a public appearance, allowed his voice to be broadcast on North Korean state run television. The perception among the people was that life was about to improve inside North Korea.

Murderous Rampage
The current Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, may have tossed his people into political prisons or allowed them to starve. But he didn’t go on a murderous rampage of his own inner circle, says the defector. Kim Jong Un took the opposite approach with his elites. Jang was just one of a number of the ruling class Kim Jong Un began to purge, as the young leader flexed his dictatorial muscles.

CNN has the full interview and story. North Korean Hell On Earth.

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