Five Websites To Help You Plan A Wedding

Got to plan a wedding? awful, come on now admit it, there are fewer things in this life that will actually cause you and your loved one more dread than getting that perfect day absolutely right. For some reason everyone seems to think that the most stressful thing you can do is moving, I disagree. That said there are so many different websites, literally hundreds if not thousands of them that provide tips and tricks and knowhow on how to make your wedding planning easier.

Here are our top Five Picks

Of course the number one that you all need to spend a lot of time looking at is The Knot, heck, they’ve been doing the whole online wedding thing since the very beginning of the internet. So they do have quite a long list and a lot of history of “getting it right”.

Personally we’re not huge fans, but yes Martha Stewart does have her own wedding gig website. She’s a little too cutesy for us and most of her ideas are about as dated as she is. Not to mention, a little on the expensive side. Martha is going to tell you how to spend money and not be shy about it.

Sarah Wainwright from A Cake And Wine is a small time favorite, it is impossibly easy to go through her site since it is not all that big. She recently started accepting wedding from actual couples, not the “real couples’ that we see in other websites – these are the less curated and real weddings that will inspire you.

Wedding Bee is a more friendly site that has good advice and isn’t one of these over the top style spend your last dime wedding sites. They have good advice and have a younger hipper crowd / couple that are more the everyday bride and grooms speed.

Last but not least, Dished Out is a great place to find cocktail and food recipes, the young lady over there has been doing this now for a few years and has probably one of the best fun sites for weddings, although to be honest, could probably use a little design work to make it look nicer.

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