Have You Ever Taken Your Own Proust Questionnaire

I want to think that for the most part we, as a general population are all pretty good at recognizing our own shortcomings and exploring our inner selves, although that might be too much to ask. One of the great methodologies I’ve found that has helped myself and others in our little household, something that is actually even a bit fun, is to take a rainy evening (best time for introspection), get yourself a piece of paper and off the top of your head do your own Proust Questionnaire. Not 100% sure what we’re talking about? To say that Proust was simply an author would be the understatement of a lifetime, his books are more akin to tomes of rambling knowledge, words and phrases… epic to put it mildly and the bain of many a college student. His Proust Questionnaire was used to help him in his efforts to define his own characters to build them and create a personality for them, over the years this has been translated in to many different formats – most notably you would probably have come across it in Vanity Fair. Reading the Vanity Fair questionnaires have been a pastime I have much enjoyed and now having the opportunity to read other, less famous people submit their versions is at least good reading for the subway.

We haven’t seen too many of these ourselves online, a place where anyone can submit and post their own proust questionaire – for obvious reasons, quite a number of questions and very time consuming. But for anyone who might be interested, good luck. You might discover something about yourself that you hadn’t known before.

Update: We thought this was such a good idea we placed the link right to the site in our footer under “Feel Good Links”.

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