Marco Rubio Hates The Environment, Surprise

I guess it is no small surprise to think, or make the statement that Marco Rubio hates the environment, most of the GOP is in full denial mode and has steadfastly maintained that climate change is not a real threat. In the face of overwhelming evidence its impossible not to get upset by these individuals. It can’t be because they actually hate the environment, or that they don’t believe the science behind it. It has to be, and the only reasonable explanation is that they are getting their money from their dark overlords from the oil and gas industry. Sad. All of these people are clearly intelligent and must know what they are doing, otherwise how else can you get to where you are in life that you have enough money to buy off a political election.

Hmmm. I guess the reason why I find Marco Rubio so distasteful is that he’s from Florida, Miami more precisely, a city that has been fighting with climate change on somewhat regular basis. The streets of Miami regularly flood, the aquifer is dangerously low, salt water is seeping in to the drinking water. The everglades are a complete mess. Rubio of all people has to know, see and understand for himself, or he’s just blind and corrupt. As yet I’ve only found one person presidential candidate who has had the wherewithal to call Rubio out on climate change. Well bravo.

The primaries kick off soon, lets hope it’s not too late for all of us.

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