Model Turned Photographer Daria Werbowy Kills It

Sadly we have not been updating our celebrity section as much as we probably should, since there is always something to report on, but then we would be tacking ourselves on to yet another and too much reporting on the topic. Don’t you think there are already too many of these types of lifestyle websites already? We do.

If we come across something that’s fun though no reason not to point it out, right?

Daria Werbowy, the amazingly gorgeous model who has graced the cover of just about every fashion magazine in the world has turned the lens on to herself to do her own portfolio of self photography. What a fantastic and groovy way to get to see her and how she imagines herself. Enter, yes the wonderful world of Instagram where she has recorded much of her efforts. It’s almost impossible not to have some amount of praise for a woman as talented and as fun as Daria. She has a careful eye for detail and has clearly studied her art well. Obviously, when the camera is turned on you, you are bound to pick up some skills. While we don’t think it would be appropriate to post all of her photos here, we do think that recommending a few sites of hers to visit is worth our time.

Have a look at the very nice write up she got over at Substantive Style… if you need a bit more to jog your memory of who exactly this lady is, then by all means check out her models page.

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