More Personal Branding Chit Chat From Forbes

I think I had mentioned earlier that I’m on a quest to find more personal branding ideas and how I can try to incorporate them better in to my own life and work, on a day to day basis. Which means I’ve been doing bad searches on the subject matter and trying to read what I can from what others have written – William Arruda seems to be the go to guy these days on the subject, but as I’ve mentioned before he’s way too corporate for me. I would love to find someone who has a little more soul in the game. But for right now, here’s some shit chat I picked up from him on a past article in Forbes:

  • leave my mark on every meeting (in person and via teleconference) I attended – making contributions to the discussion to add value?
  • do something to make my manager more successful?
  • acknowledge the great work of employees, teammates or colleagues – reaching out to thank them in person or virtually?
  • create and publish content (a blog, video, article, whitepaper, infographic, etc.), disseminating information that will be useful to people who share my expertise?
  • publicly praise others for their contributions (especially in front of their managers)?
  • integrate my superpowers – the things I do better than anyone else – into everything I did?
  • share content created by others (articles, Blogs, YouTube videos, etc.) that is valuable to members of my network (adding my point-of-view to the content I shared)?
  • I guess this is a good start checklist for personal branding ideas, I’ve also found that there are other blogs on the subject and Will is not the only go to source out there.

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