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If you hadn’t by now figured out my push to create for myself a personal brand, then you clearly have not been keeping tabs on my writing here. I’ve recently been toying around with the idea of figuring out how to best use the myriad of press release websites that are out there and available to everyone. Part of the problem of course is I have yet to really figure out what, if anything I have that might be press worthy. I’m effectively a ghost writer, which means I don’t have that many opportunities to really get my own message out – thanks Will for that advice. However, none of that means that I should be prepared and start thinking proactively about the type of press and public relations that I might need in the future.

While I’ve been reading up on public relations from various blogs, I’ve come to the realization that some day I will need to do a little PR of my own. So, below is my list of Press Release websites that I’ve found so far.

Business Wire – ain’t going to happen, way too expensive for me, they have a starting cost that’s something like $450, I think.

PR Newswire – sounds good and probably an okay price point. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.

PR Web – Would love to see how effective they are, they definitely have a couple of options that are in my price range.

Market Wired – these guys sound to me more like they are targeting the public company press release needs.

24 – 7 Press Release – sounds like a used car sales pitch, they are wayyyy too obviously targeting people like me, which means I should probably use them. – again, lots of great price points, but here’s the bigger problem, they’re hard to find just by typing in Press Release Services in to google, so I question how well their service works if they don’t even really rank.

Send 2 Press – these guys really don’t show up anywhere when you do a search for Press Release services or even for public relations, but their pricing looks amazing, and apparently they’ve been around for quite awhile.

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