Personal Design Stars With Genevieve Gorder

Yes, I’m a design freak, we know that right, and when it comes to personal design stars, in my book there are few who can hold a candle to Genevieve Gorder. We all remember her from TV right? She’s that woman who bounces around barefoot while making interior design look effortless and fun. The past few years she hasn’t really been around too much which is sad. I for one would love to see her back on TV again. That all being said I also happen to get inspired by other designers. I’m a big fan of seeing other people’s work and what they do with their spaces. Consider this to be something of a trickle down theory, of watching what we see on TV, what the professionals do and then watching those individuals, who are less professional do it themselves on their spaces. Yes, that is something that is absolutely voyeuristic of me to say.

Where I’m Going Now For Design Stars Inspiration

In my travels across the expanse of the web I do come across a number of sites that I can say add some true value to an otherwise cluttered world. I’ve made many efforts to find places online that can provide a good sampling of other peoples work, truth be told its never so easy. For the most part, the design websites I stumble across are mostly those of professionals – interior designers or architects, or worse still whole institutionalized corporate companies (maybe google can figure out a better way to sort through all of that at some future date). Regardless, when I do come across something I enjoy, I’m happy to share it. Want the very best on people who are actually doing their own design work and creating wonderfully livable spaces without the benefit of the supposed pros? Circa Design is one of my new found favorites for the home made personal design stars.

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