Presidential Election Day Draws Near, What Happened To?

Well, as election day draws near here in the US and the final last minute push to win the hearts and the minds of all of us American’s is well underway, I’m not so interested in the current crop, but instead those who made the earlier campaigns so much fun.

Does anyone out there remember the kid from Iowa who ran as Deez Nuts? That was a great stroke of genius and obvious great for a laugh, while we were still fresh and laughing at Donald Trump.

There was also the cat, Limberbutt McCubbins, who I think almost got a nod for a vice Presidential seat.

Marco Rubio no matter what he may say or do still hates the environment and sadly, one of the better independent candidates who of course had zero chance of winning, but at least made a good effort at trying to get his point across, Ken Fields has promised to keep the flame of his 100 percent renewable energy in 20 years alive.

Its interesting to read about these guys, because while we all kind of thought it was a joke in point of every independent candidate serves a purpose – makes their point, whether its better ballot access, or whether its improving the environment, or foreign policy. Third party candidates efforts are often and hopefully successfully used to bring a better awareness to problems we have.

So, when you head off to the voting booth to have your voice heard, keep in mind all those voices who made this campaign so much fun. Of course when the election comes around you should all vote for whoever it is that you believe will be the best leader for our country, but whoever and whatever it may be, don’t forget to vote it is our right as American’s and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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