Spring Fever, Three Weddings Uggh

Wow, well, thankfully Spring is finally here, I’m a summer person, or at least a spring / fall type person. This past winter was perfectly fine and actually not as bad as it could have been. But the next few weeks I’m in dread-zone – I have three weddings to go to in the next five weeks? How is that even possible?

First of all, most of my friends are married already, I’m sort of last man standing. So how is it that all of a sudden my weekend social calendar has gotten this crowded. So while I managed to just look at the calendar the other day and this Is what I found, I also need to keep in mind that this was not just random, people don’t plan wedding in a month, at least not usually. Months of planning, which means I should have been well aware of all this craziness long ago, but for some reason, not so much.

This is going to be one of those classic moments where I get to do a compare and contrast, when else am I going to get the opportunity to compare and contrast so closely the various pros and cons of so many real weddings by couple.

I suppose part of the reason why I posted a few weeks ago about the Five Wedding Sites For Planning, fear and curiosity got the better of me.

Anyway. Three weddings coming up. Guess I’ll have to get my suit dry cleaned and take it from there.

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