The Other Alternatives For US President

The online leftie, environmental blog Grist did a follow up article to the New Hampshire primaries. If anyone and everyone is sick of all the nut jobs who are running for President this year, how about some normal people as potential alternatives for US President? We’re all pretty sick of the idiot Trump and the even crazier Sarah Palin, who has crawled out of her awful frozen hole the ground to blather on about nothing. So here are the runners up from that Grist article, plus a couple others we like:

John McAfee – okay, so his claim to fame is of course being a security expert, that should be pretty much enough to qualify him for President, right? We think so. Forget about all of his crazy antics.

Scott Smith – I’m definitely voting for this guy. Basically his big thing, to eliminate taxes altogether, sounds like I’m going to come out ahead on this one. Wait, who’s going to take care of the basics, like uh, roads? and the military?

Joy Waymire – was apparently endorsed by God. Yep, you got it, the big guy himself. How is it that the Religious Right hasn’t yet gone out and nominated Joy? Seriously.

I hate to throw Jill Stein in here, because she actually has a legit platform and the Green Party is recognized as a real party here int he US, even if it really doesn’t get any attention. Maybe we should try and change all that.

If the Trump business mogul isn’t your cup of tea, but you’re dying for a real estate type guy, then you can check out Ken Fields, probably only slightly more qualified than Trump, although no one has ever heard of him either.

The Comedian Ron White is running. I gotta be honest, I have no idea who Ron White it, never came across any of his work or anything like that. So, uh well sorry Ron.

I think Deez Nuts has dropped out of the race. Too bad, but then again he was in eligible anyway.

Kent Mesplay is also a candidate for the Green Party, who was an Air Quality Inspector, considering the problems with the giant gas leak in Southern California right now, don’t think he’ll be getting the nomination anytime soon.

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