Trumps Epic Biographical Movie Art Of The Deal

Holy heck, this is genius. The good folks at Funny or Die seem to have gotten Johnny Depp to do a 50 minute take that became Trumps Epic Biographical Movie The Art Of The Deal. This is seriously funny. Although it’s only one of those things that makes me question even more whether or not we can ever have this guy as president. When there’s a film that spend s an hour making for fun of you and calling you out on your bullshit (watch the part where Trump can’t poop) – it’s kind of bad. Keep in mind also that there was a petition in the UK to keep Trump out of the UK, to ban him from entering. People may like his tough talk, but most other people hate him.

This is the best follow up I can think of to post, which hopefully will get people to really consider the less crazy alternatives for President that I wrote about earlier.

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