We Welcome Michael Bloomberg With Open Arms

Yep, for all of those who are wondering, yes, I very much welcome Michael Bloomberg with open arms and will vote for him if he makes the decision to run for president this 2016. The politics of our country has gotten completely out of hand, none of the individuals who are running honestly have any real right to be our commander in chief. The leadership that they have shown and the absolute mockery of our country is sad. Donald Trump of course is the very worst of the bunch, but the rest of the GOP field has been only slightly less awful.

Very recently we’ve been hearing in the news that Bloomberg is very seriously considering a run for president and I think he would be an excellent candidate and make an awesome president. So he’s got my vote. Fiscal conservative, socially liberal, lets do this. I love America, I love our country, lets get the rest of the presidential circus out of here and find someone who might actually do a good job.

I know that I’ve only been covering some of the current race and I would really like to do quite a bit more in the coming months, if Bloomie runs, then clearly there will be opportunity for much better discourse than we’ve had so far. Frankly I’m getting a little tired of the embarrassment that the rest of these individuals are inflicting upon us.

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