Wedding Fever Subsides, Back To Normal Here At Home

It’s over, the spring wedding fever that I had been so bitterly complaining about is finally done with and to be honest, of course it wasn’t so bad. It never is. Actually all three of the weddings were more or less fun. I did get to catch up with some very old friends, which was nice. Ate lots of great food. Rachel had a blast, she’s the sort who given any opportunity is happy to have a couple nights on the town in fancy dress and go dancing.

I’m not going to go into a play by play of what I liked about each wedding and the cocktail lists / buffet / appetizers, not my style. But I believe at least a couple of the events will show up over at Beth’s website under the couples weddings section or somewhere. I am thinking at some point in my recipes section to toss up a couple of the cocktails that we had, the bartender at the wedding was fantastic and kudos must be given to those who make such special events enjoyable. Stick around for that.

While we had a great time, I think I can say that thankfully it over and considering the time it takes to plan one of these things, we have not gotten another “save the date” or anything like that so rest of summer is clear and back to normal.

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