What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You

Interesting question? What does my brand (or your brand) say about me? I have no idea and honestly its not something that I have worried about and or written about at all, even though my friend David Wolpy has an entire section dedicated to your personal brand and branding. He’s been kind enough at times to help me out with advice on how to manage my life and how to get more clients by writing better and writing more online – ie drawing people in to my sphere of influence. Being not the best person for social media, clearly I have no real idea what a “Sphere of Influence” really is, I always thought it was simply my friends and family and those I associate with, guess I was wrong.

This is not some thing that I am an expert in by any means, I mostly report here the topics that interest me, design and architecture and real estate are obviously big on my list. But I also use this as a venue so that when other people want to see my writing style then they have a good idea of what to expect.

Right now, my brand says nothing about me, but my voice, in the written word says who I am and why anyone should hire me. I’ve always kind of thought that was more than enough but apparently not. So, over the course of time, I think we’ll be covering this topic in a bit more detail, consider it to be a personal exploration where I also hope to share with you some of my findings, whatever that may be. Something that I have always been interested in and have thought a bit about, even though I work for myself.

Thanks for pointing all of that out David and for any of you who want to discover more of David’s rambling on the topic and find ways to improve your personal brand, then stay tuned.

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