What Happens When You Forget About Your Blog

What happens when you forget about your blog for just so long it seems like a million years? Well, actually providing of course that you’ve paid up for the hosting account and all that absolutely nothing. Your blog will live on forever. Funny, it’s been so long since I’ve even thought about this space. But I think maybe it’s time I cleaned it all up a bit and went back to writing.

Let us all see what happens. When I put my wondering mind back to business and once again put the proverbial pen to paper. Here goes.

One for the big topics that we’ll have to focus on for current events is of course the elections, or at least the presidential election coming up in almost exactly one year. This is going to be a big and important one, so all of you guys, our readers, need to stay tuned.

Hopefully I won’t forget about this site through then.

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