What Kind Of Public Relations Company Raises Money

So here’s an interesting question. While I’ve been cruising the web and trying to teach myself more about marketing for myself I came across a press release from Business Wire, where a public relations and branding company had just raised $250,000 – so here’s my question. What kind of a public relations company raises money? Especially a company with little to no real previous experience? It seems that the founder was a branding and design type of guy. More or less a creative type just like myself. So then how is it that he goes from zero to a major round of funding so quickly. I’m assuming that there was actually some back ground deal or history between the company and the investor, deals like this do not just come out of the blue, but are usually something agreed upon over at least a handful of lunches and a Starbucks visit or two. Right?

The, companies website, at least for now, doesn’t look like all that much, in point of fact it looks to be pretty boring and says nothing. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts is very much mostly the same. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say to myself that I think there is quite a bit more beyond all of this. I would love to follow their business and get a better inside look at how it develops into something worthy of the trust that an investor would give. Its probably also worth bookmarking in someway for myself, should I ever be in need of public relations company for my own business. I still want to make a go at it for myself. Does anyone have any idea how much Business Wire actually costs and what their distribution is? Its hard to find exact pricing for their service?

More to come.

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