Who Is Andy?

Who is Andy Dewalt? Well, let me tell you… Look, like so many people out there these days, I’m a news junky. I love to read, I love to know what is happening in our world, I like to digest information and then throw it back out there for those of us who still bother to read the morning paper. My site here, is a news aggregator of sorts. I’m telling you about and posting the news as I read, it, mostly and some what direct from the source. Lets cut through the bullshit that plagues CNN and all the other so-called- news media. What are the real stories out there, that we need to know about without all of the fluff we’ve come to expect. Lets get rid of all the advertising that gets in the way… the pops ups, the auto video loads… the terrible commercials and the sponsored stories. I want to know what matters to you and the best way I can hand that to you, is to tell you what I think.

A little hard hitting. A little Opinion. A Little fun. Isn’t that what good journalism is all about?

Thank you,

Andy Dewalt

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