William Arruda The Self Proclaimed Personal Branding Guru

I love it when people make wide, over arching statements, like naming themselves, the best at whatever, think Donald Trump in the current presidential politics. While hardly on the same level as Trump, Willima Arruda has for years been proclaiming himself to be the “Personal Branding Guru”, he has his own mini-empire of branding, which includes books and lessons and lots of websites offering untold amounts of advice. Since my last post on Personal Branding and how it has become something of an interest for me, I will confess I’ve read some of William’s books. They’re pretty good. Here’s the problem though, they are more targeted towards the corporate world and corporate clients. William is talking on the bigger scale, how to brand yourself for the big promotion, how it is that you are going to become the next CEO of that big company. Hmmm. For me this holds very little interest, or at least isn’t very relevant, I am never going to be the head of a major corporation, I have no desire to be the head of a major corporation. I am happy where I am in life and more than anything I am looking for way to drum up more business for myself to keep me focused on my life.

If there is anyone out there who wishes to become my mentor and my personal branding guru, yes I am open to suggestions, but being a writer, trust me when I say I can’t pay you all that much. Maybe I should just concentrate on doing the required reading from Amazon and educating myself.

Well, if you want to check out his books, be my guest, if you want to be CEO maybe his version of personal branding will help you, maybe it won’t.

In the coming weeks, as promised I will continue my own personal efforts to become more of a guru on something, odds are I won’t reach his level in developing my own brand, but he’s offered yet more inspiration.

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